Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Work Day > Than Yours!

What were you doing at 2 p.m. today? Were you in a boring meeting? Watching the clock tick slowly by wishing it was Friday? Well...while you were doing that.... I was trying the best Rum Runner I've ever had in my life at the bar conveniently named Rum Runners for a bar review I'm working on for Tampa Bay's Metromix!

The review won't go live until August, but I'm trying to get a head start on all of my work in case summer plans pop up! For a switch I'm trying to not be the procrastinator I've been in the past!

I tried a Rum Runner at the bar Rum Runners located at 2701 US Alt.19 in Palm Harbor, FL. I was doing a bar review for http://tampabay.metromix.com and had a blast!

info on Rum Runners:
2701 US Alt.19
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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