Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Inspired Me to get Freebies

One of the number one questions I've been asked lately (aside from how do you get your freebies) is why did I start this site? It is difficult to say but it started like this...I've been obsessed with getting free stuff for a while but getting even more free stuff happened out of necessity when the number of gigs I was getting as a freelancer began to dwindle.

I heard about this cool site called Addicted to Saving and then attended one of the savings classes taught by the blogger herself Liza Ford. She was already helping me through her blog to save more than 50% on my grocery bill and as I followed her blog I even got as good as saving up to 80 and 90% on my groceries. In fact, the best I ever did was $200 worth of groceries at Publix for $0.76 out of pocket.

Still needing more ways to get free stuff I made it my mission for 30 days to see just how much free stuff I could get and by the end of the 30 days my futon in my living room was literally covered in miscellaneous products that I had gotten FREE!!! Then, I decided it was time to get SERIOUS! So, on 10-10-10 since it was an epic date anyway I bought the domain After a couple of days of fighting to transfer stuff I had already written through blogger over to the domain, I was in business and ready to share all the freebies I get with anyone who cared to read this.

I still view the awesome website Addicted to Saving almost daily and even post some of Liza's awesome deals on this site and give her credit for everything I get from there.

Although I'm starting to get work regularly again my obsession with free stuff is growing not only for myself but for the many people who I struggling to bring down their expenses.

I honestly believe that even if I won the lottery or had some other windfall I would still be seeking out freebies and sharing with everyone in cyberspace how I get what I get.

I hope you have been enjoying this website and I hope it can continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks to everyone who has viewed it so far and for all the nice comments and amazing support. I love my readers and I LOVE FREEBIES!!!

xoxoxo~ The Famous Ashley Grant

lots of the freebies I got in my 30 day challenge to myself:

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