Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to pack a suitcase

My clothes often are a jumbled mess when I pack a suitcase for a trip. I saw this article and had to share!

1--Gather your clothes...Gather all the garments you may need on your trip, then edit down your choices so you don’t overpack—a common mistake. Put back at least half of the items you think you need.

2--Roll your clothes...Tightly roll softer, wrinkle-resistant garments, like T-shirts and cotton pants, and place them along the base of the bag. Jeans should be rolled, too.

3--Place folded items on top...Next, fold stiffer and/or wrinkle-prone garments like starched cotton shirts and blazers. Layer these folded items over the rolled clothes.

4--Drape longer pieces like pants and skirts...Fold longer items in half, filling the length of the bag with them, alternating waists with hems at the ends.

5--Add smaller items...Look for nooks and crannies to fill with smaller items, like bras and socks.

6--Line suitcase with belts...Snake belts around the perimeter of the bag. Then cover the whole pile with a dry-cleaning bag. Thanks to the bag’s slippery surface, folded clothes won’t stay in one place long enough for creases to set.

7--Choose shoes wisely...Pick three pairs of shoes, like a casual sandal or loafer, sneakers, and an evening shoe –go for styles that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear the heaviest pair en route and pack the others along the sides of your suitcase in resealable bags.

8--Pack your jewelry...Stow inexpensive jewelry in a seven-day plastic pillbox or a 35-millimeter film canister. Wear any fine jewelry en route to ensure it won’t get lost or stolen.

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