Monday, September 21, 2015

A Slow but Necessary Transition

Hi Everyone! Famous Ashley Grant here with an exciting update- well exciting to me... slowly, but surely I'm transitioning this blog to my new home on Wordpress. After some Blogger woes I decided it was time to make the leap and I also was excited to get a new domain dropping the word "THE" from this website to make it just Famous Ashley Grant rather than THE Famous Ashley Grant. So, with that said I'm moving all of my posts over there and then ultimately this site will auto- redirect to the new one. I know I could have just copied and pasted everything with an easy method folks have told me about, but there is a reason I'm taking the painstakingly slow route. The simple fact is there is a lot of stuff on this current website I'm ready to delete and so...I am. Plus, due to some photography issues there are a lot of images that have either been deleted or need to be deleted so going through the posts one by one is helping me figure out what I still want to keep and what doesn't serve me anymore. So, for new posts please visit the new site at Famous Ashley Grant! I look forward to making my new website everything I wanted in my personal blog :)

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