Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend 2014 Camping Recap

So, I thought I'd give ya'll a quick Memorial Weekend 2014 Camping Glamping Recap in the form of 10 lessons I learned:

1. Thou shalt not forget to bring the air mattress pump. Omg! We forgot the pump and therefore slept on the floor for three nights. Not awesome.
2. Thou shall bring a ceiling fan when glamping. Dude, if it had not been for the ceiling fan we brought for our tent, I'm not sure we would have made it through the weekend.
3. Thou shall re-apply sunscreen every 80 minutes. The directions on the sunscreen are serious bro! We were awesomely lucky to make it three days in the sun with no sunburn. Alas, I'm out of all of the four bottles of sunscreen I brought with.
4. Thou shalt not step on a root barefoot. I have been having massive amounts of trouble with my right heel lately. I've been walking a lot in hopes of losing some weight to ease the pressure and pain on my heel. Then, I stepped on a tree root while barefoot and lost all hope of doing much walking for the weekend. The pain got so bad I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair much of one evening.
5. Thou shalt not go to Wet N' Wild Memorial Day weekend. Okay, I am a fan of water parks but prefer them when they aren't as busy. We were camping near Wet N' Wild so the collective group decided we should spend a day there. Unfortunately this particular weekend drew such a crowd that every single ride had an hour long wait or longer. The wave pool was overflowing and there was NOTHING lazy about the lazy river. Note to self- on Memorial weekend just go to the free campground pool because we barely spent any time that day in the water...
6. Thou shall bring extra towels and wash cloths- Yep- we didn't have enough towels and wash cloths and had to re-use some towels thereby defeating the purpose of showering imho...
7. Thou shall bring a bigger cooler. Our cooler wasn't big enough to hold enough drinks between ice stops...
8. Thou shalt not wear water shoes too long- big ugly blisters- that is all!
9. Thou shalt not go to bed until re-applying bug spray- I got some wicked bites while sleeping.
10. Thou shalt not call it glamping unless in an RV or cabin- The weekend made me long for one of the two.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chick-Fil-A Asian Salad Review

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I have a new obsession- the Chick-Fil-A Asian Salad. In the span of about 9 days I had three. Add to the fact that I literally had to walk a mile each day that I wanted one- you know this obsession is serious. I probably would get more if they weren't close to $8!

Basically, at the beginning of 2014 I had three of the calendar cards and for the month of May I could get a salad with the card. My husband only like Caesar salads and I work very close to a Chick-Fil-A so it only made sense to cash in these salads for myself. The first day I went into get one I had not yet learned of the fact that they are no longer serving the spicy chicken salad. I almost cried when it wasn't on the menu. After mulling it over I opted for the Asian salad figuring, eh- why not? If I don't like it no big deal because I've "made my money back" on the cards already. I chose grilled chicken and was delighted when it came with a honey sesame dressing, wontons and dried bell peppers.
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 I ate that salad faster than any salad I think I have ever consumed. I don't know if I was just starving from the fact I had to walk half a mile there and a half a mile back to work before I could eat it OR if it was just that good. So, two days later I felt it was only reasonable to try it again. I made the walk there and back only this time I was given honey sesame dressing, wontons and sliced almonds in place of the dried bell peppers. It was just as good the second time if not better!

I had other lunch plans for a few days but I am not kidding when I tell you that third free salad was burning a whole in my purse. First chance I got I made one more walk and got one more salad again with the almonds instead of the peppers.

I'm in love with the Chick-Fil-A Asian salad! I'm going to have to come up with a way to replicate it on my own at home!

This salad features freshly prepared with hot chicken, two cups of hand-chopped veggies and mandarin oranges and is served with honey sesame dressing. The optional toppings are wontons, dried bell peppers and sliced almonds. I'm sure I can get all these ingredients at my grocery store but I wonder if it will taste the same? hmmmmmmmm....

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Eggland's Best Review

One of the vendors at BlogHer 2013 was Eggland's Best. These folks gave me a coupon to try Eggland's Best at home for free for the purposes of review.

"You'll definitely be able to tell the difference because the eggs will taste better," said the gal at the booth.

I'm not sure if it was how I prepared them, but I honestly could not tell the difference. They didn't taste any better to me than the eggs I normally buy at the grocery store. The only difference I did notice is that the Eggland's Best brand was nearly double to cost for a dozen.

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Do you like Eggland's Best? Am I crazy here? Do you REALLY notice a difference?

I know that Eggland's Best brand is better for me in the sense that they say they never use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics of any kind. They also promise a superior, better quality, fresher egg....and that's all good, but for the taste- I just didn't notice a difference.

If I do make the decision to permanently switch from the brand I normally buy it won't be because of taste.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Product Review: Girl Scouts Coffee Mate Flavors

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I know. I know. It's becoming a little too much of a trend lately, but here is another overdue review. I'm finally getting the many items on my to-do list checked off. Woohoo!!

Okay! I was sent two bottles of Girl Scouts Flavors Coffee Mate (the liquid not the powdered form) for the purposed of review. Although I was sent these items for free, all of these opinions are my own. I'm told the two flavors are still available for purchase at Target stores. Have you seen them anywhere else? Chime in with a comment!

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Coffee Mate Flavor One- Girl Scouts Thin Mints: I tried the Thin Mints flavor in several different drinks. In coffee it makes the drink taste pretty good. When the liquid hits your tongue it's sweet and then when you swallow the bitterness of the coffee comes back but with a hint of the mint.

I also tried a creamer martini with the Thin Mint creamer. It was equal parts vodka, milk and Thin Mints creamer. This was QUITE tasty. I definitely could sip this for a while!

Next was a hot cocoa a Thin Mint concoction. This was my favorite! SO GOOD! Tastes like Christmas in a cup. YUM! Tried it in hot tea though and nearly threw up. Gross! Seriously! Don't do this ya'll!!!

Coffee Mate Flavor Two- Girl Scouts Caramel and Coconut aka Samoas: Overall after all of my kitchen testing this was my favorite creamer. In coffee, vodka, tea and hot cocoa this creamer is fantastic. It's not as good in the hot cocoa as the Thin Mints one but it wins for versatility hands down!

I made a creamer martini with this creamer as well and I'm lovingly calling it a Samoatini. Next time I'll line the glass with chocolate swirls and have a graham cracker and chocolate rim and I could seriously drink these all night! So frikkin' yummy!!!!!

If you are a coffee lover I would highly recommend these creamers. If you like creamy martinis I would also highly recommend these creamers. You know what? Just go to Target and buy one of each and try them for yourself. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

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Friday Smiles :)

And's time for some Friday smiles found on facebook and added here for your enjoyment. All pics were found at Its So 'Dumb and Stupid' -Its Funny. If you are a photographer who took a photo below and want it removed OR if you just want a photo credit let me know. I'm a photographer too- I understand :)

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