Monday, October 6, 2014

How Should I Sell Everything I Own?

I've made comments about it for months, but since my goal is to have a 100% mobile business that I can do from anywhere in the world I feel like it is seriously time for me to downsize and get rid of junk. I'm going to sell everything I have that is not nailed down and/or can't come on the road with me. I need opinions- what is the best way to start selling everything? Of course- my sentimental possessions that I don't want to part with will end up in storage, but I'm trying to figure out the absolute best way to sell everything I have for as much money as possible so that my husband and I will have a good financial base to start out on the road with...

I know many folks are all about eBay, some have told me craigslist, but what other methods will get this stuff out of my apartment and get me on the road quickly? Leave a comment below! Would love to know your thoughts :)

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