Saturday, July 12, 2014

30 Bloggers in 30 Days - Day 19


Today's blogger is Zakary Watson of Raising Colorado. Here's her "about" statement from her facebook page: "I would like for my children to go to bed at a decent hour, learn to make homemade tortillas, and ride around with a squirrel in my bicycle basket. Also, someone find a cure for Type One Diabetes, kthx."

I can't help but like her blog simply because she likes squirrels. Check this out from her FAQs:
"1. What’s with you and the squirrels?
I dig squirrels. Mainly a black squirrel that lived in my old backyard and ate the bread I threw into my yard....He’s a squirrel genius and possibly a ninja. In training. My goal is to get him (or any squirrel really) to sit in a basket on my bicycle while we ride around town at the Farmer’s Market and stuff."

LOL. Love that! Check out Zakary's blog HERE!
12 days to BlogHer 

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