Monday, July 7, 2014

30 Bloggers in 30 Days - Day 14


Today's blogger is Stephanie Liebold of Travel Craft Journal. "Travelcraft Journal is made for creative adventurers who want to discover new places, experience culture, try things out themselves.

It’s a place to read about travel tips, DIY/crafting experiments, quirky road trips, art, food, and sights to see in Phoenix and beyond. We take a pragmatic approach that acknowledges that things rarely go exactly as planned. It’s about embracing the journey and savoring the moment instead of stressing about constructing a perfect day, meal, or project."

Check out her blog HERE. It's only fair to warn you though. Reading her blog will make you want to travel more...and possibly journal. Not sure about the journaling part, but definitely the traveling! Enjoy!

17 days to BlogHer

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