Sunday, July 6, 2014

30 Bloggers in 30 Days - Day 13


Today's blogger is Jana Seitzer of Merlot Mommy. What drew me to her site? Come on! Anyone who calls themselves Merlot Mommy has to write a cool blog right? I love her title!

Here's her "about me" info:

"About Merlot Mommy
I’m a wine and food girl. I’m a mom to 4 amazing kids, full-time marketing/communications professional and graphic designer and freelance photographer. I’m also an active Thirsty Girl (chapter head) and love my mommy time.

Things I love, in no specific order:

- colors
- textures
- my husband
- handbags
- design
- my children
- wine
- Mad Men
- reading/writing
- cupcakes
- cocktails
- bubbly
- social media"

Check out Jana's blog HERE

18 days to BlogHer. Getting in the teen digits. It's so close!!! I can't stand it. SO EXCITED!!

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