Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 Bloggers in 30 Days


Today, June 24 officially marks 30 days to BlogHer 2014 so I'm going forgo the rest of the NaBloPoMo posts for this month and next month and instead give a shout out to 30 bloggers in 30 days!

So, first up is Retro Food by Tarrant Figlio. Tarrant's blog is all about "food, a lot of fun, and oh yeah, vintage cookbooks and retro cooking…basically a love song through vintage recipes." Tarrant began the blog around the love of all of those things.

Tarrant said, "I like Retro-food even if I do say so myself. I like food blogs and talking about food, but so many of them are so…modern. I can’t picture how things taste and work and I really hate having to buy some (usually expensive) exotic ingredient to make one recipe. I love the 'food porn' photography…some days. Other days, I think 'how silly! I want dinner not an art project.' I love the lovely pots, pans, gadgets and gizmos of kitchens. Yes, I am impressed that folks manage to photograph step by step the making of a masterpiece. But…that isn’t the cooking that goes on at this house. That isn’t the cooking I want to hang around."

So, Tarrant's blog is "is like settling down at the kitchen table with friends, the kitchen is full of homey smells, familiar ingredients and chatter. I want to talk about the food stained cookbook, the tattered recipe card, the difficulty of getting Aunt Mary’s deviled eggs to turn out like hers because the holidays aren’t the same without her. "

Check out her blog HERE

30 days to BlogHer

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