Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 Bloggers in 30 Days - Day 6

Today's blogger shout out is Michele Cook of Dodging Acorns. The title came from the blogger's husband’s idea two years ago as they "were literally dodging the falling acorns on our back deck. But there’s a post about that."

I love what she says about her blog title in relation to life. She said, "when my husband had the idea to name my blog 'Dodging Acorns,' I realized it was perfect. It’s a perfect description of where we are right now physically and in all aspects of our life. Dodging acorns – whether literally or figuratively – has become our life. We’ve had our share of ups and downs in the past 5 years or so, but no matter what, we work together as a team to keep moving forward and doing what we need to do for our family."

Check out her blog HERE!

25 days to BlogHer

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