Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Product Review- LypSyl Lip Balm

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This review is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue, but hey! Better late than never I suppose. This review is about LypSyl Intense Protection Lip Balm. I was sent two free tubes for the purposes of review. I tried the Vanilla Plum and the Original Mint. After one night I decided the Vanilla Plum is simply not for me. I didn't care for the fragrance at all and that alone just ruined it for me.

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The next night I tried the Original Mint and from that first application I was hooked! I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life I used a lip balm/chapstick from the beginning to the absolute end of the tube. I am crying now that I'm out of it and kick myself every time I go to the store and forget to buy a new tube!!!! I LOVE the Original Mint LypSyl Intense Protection Lip Balm and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone that needs lip balm/chapstick that they can use regularly.

Personally, every evening I have to wear chapstick throughout the night because my lips get so dry and chapped. Since using LypSyl each night I've not had chapped lips! I desperately need to get a replacement tube before the chapped lips come back. What I've been using in the mean time sucks compared to the LypSyl. Want to try it? Get it HERE! LypSyl is also available at Walgreens stores :)

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