Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding Review

So, one of the vendors at BlogHer 2013 was Kozy Shack... seriously...pudding. mmm.... Pudding takes me back to the days of day scare, er I mean Day Care and After School care. That always seemed to be the snack of choice for the counselors that cared for us when it came time for snack before they plunged us into the Florida heat while we waited anxiously for our parents to come save us- er I mean pick us up. Maybe, just maybe if they had been serving Kozy Shack in place of whatever mystery goo was in those tubs I wouldn't have cringed so much.

Throughout the entire conference these awesome peeps were letting bloggers sample the tapioca and the chocolate. For the record- I'm very biased in that I LOVE chocolate and have never cared for tapioca...and the chocolate was my favorite- what a shocker!

After inhaling as many samples in the three days of the expo hall at BlogHer 2013 as those lovely ladies would allow me to I quietly accepted the coupons they gave me for two free tubs of  Kozy Shack for when I returned home.

Almost immediately after returning home I drove the speed limit to Publix to retrieve my two tubs. I also bought some chia seeds and some whipped cream to experiment.

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Here are my results:
- Kozy Shack tastes REALLY good with a little squirt or a big squirt of whipped cream. It made it feel like a more decadent dessert when I scooped it into a martini glass and then squirted the whipped cream onto it. SO GOOD. SERIOUSLY!!! Highly recommend this stuff!

- Kozy Shack with chia seeds was also good. Why would I add chia seeds you ask? I read this article about making naughty foods better for you by adding an ingredient that would make you feel full and hopefully keep you from eating too much. The chia seeds definitely made it feel more healthy and I did in fact feel full with them. Note- I added the chia seeds and then left it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before eating so that they seeds would get kinda gummy making the pudding taste like chocolate with tapioca texture. Quite nice I must say!

Product Description- Kozy Shack Chocolate pudding is made with rich, indulgent cocoa for a heavenly milk chocolate taste experience.

To this I say? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! More Kozy Shack please!

68 days to BlogHer

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