Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clearon Bleach Tablets Review

Bleach Tablets By Clearon 

Clearon Bleach Tablets was One of the vendors at BlogHer 2013. They gave me two bottles for the purposes of review. While I was at their booth they showed me how these tablets work. They plopped one of the tablets into water and it fizzled and suddenly the overwhelming familiar scent of bleach rose from the water.

There are 32 tablets per bottle and 1 tablet equals 1 cup of liquid bleach. Instead of hunting for my cup and then worrying about splashing bleach everywhere I just throw one tablet into my load of laundry with no mess and no fuss :)

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The bottle of 32 tablets does take up less space than my big bottle of bleach did and it seems to bleach just as effectively as a cup from my big bottle of bleach as well.

I would definitely recommend the Clearon Bleach Tablets but only if you buy them from Wal-Mart!They are just over $3 for a bottle of 32 tablets at Wal-Mart. Considering it yields 256 fl oz of bleach and a bottle of Clorox is $3 for 64 oz. it's a steal! Elsewhere the tablets are much more expensive!

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