Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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I'm so tickled pink to announce that I AM going to BlogHer 2014!!! As of Tuesday 5/27/14 I'm officially on the roster as an attendee and I'm so stoked!!! I waited to post this in case I wasn't REALLY going to be able to go, but the more I thought about it the more I realized the only way to actually go is to INTEND IT and then do it!!!! So, I'll be heading to San Jose, California with like eleventy billion other gals for the 10th anniversary of this amazing conference.

Looking back on last year I can see what mistakes I made and I plan to make this year's event better for myself and my career.

First, I'm not risking trying to stay with anyone I know. I went ahead and budgeted for the hotel that I'll be staying in so there will not be any surprise expenses. Second, the hotel I chose is directly connected to the convention center that the conference will be in so I won't have to worry about transportation to and from the event. Third, I booked one of the group hotels that other conference attendees will be staying at to get a kick ass discount! Finally, I have an entire plan laid out for how I will handle the weeks leading up to the conference, the conference itself and the weeks that follow the event.

My only regret at this point is not following through with my plan for the beginning of this year to get a sponsor to "send me" to the conference, but no matter- I AM GOING TO BLOGHER 2014 :)

I have a great feeling that I will make my money back from this conference in no time and that in 2015 I will have no trouble at all getting a sponsor to pay my way.

57 days to BlogHer

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