Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blogger Spotlight - Katy in a Corner!

"Katy in a Corner!" I must have screamed that a dozen times or more at BlogHer 2013. Something about this woman, Katy Morgan a.k.a. Katy in a Corner- she just made me laugh and I loved her blog and welp- KATY IN A CORNER!

One of the very first videos I saw that made me excited to go to BlogHer 2013 is the one you see above. Her sense of humor cracked me up in the biggest way and I just frikkin loved it. After learning she was going to be speaking I just knew I HAD to meet her. 

Her awesome class was about vlogging hangups and how people just need to get over themselves and get on camera. I confess I still am scared of being on camera, but I'm more willing to try a vlog or two after listening to her talk about the vlogging hangups. Check out what she said HERE! And then yourself a favor and go visit Katy in a Corner to laugh, cry and above all else - be entertained!


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