Thursday, May 22, 2014

9 Weeks til BlogHer

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Today is officially 9 Weeks til BlogHer. I'm still planning on going, but it's not set in stone. My husband has asked me to make a list of all the reasons I should go and all the reasons I should not go and then decide based on the two lists. So, here we go...

Why I Should Go:
1. Last year I had a blast! This year will be fun too!
2. Last year I learned a LOT! I'll learn more this year too!
3. It's an opportunity to interact with many of the brands I'm interested in working with
4. It's a chance to meet other bloggers and make "real life" connections :)
5. It's the 10th anniversary of the conference and it would be cool to say I was there- yes this counts for why I should go because it matters to me!
6. Most of the trip is going to be tax deductible.
7. It's a second chance to do all the things I said I would last year. I'm in a better place mentally than I was last year and I'm much more motivated to implement lessons learned and what not...
8. I would be staying in a hotel near the conference this time so no risk of dealing with being a house guest and learning I'm no longer welcome...
9. Other than the ticket in, I don't really have to pay for...anything. Pretty much all my meals are covered.
10. I've never been to California and would like to see some new sites
11. I got a lot of stuff for free that I actually use! (So- I saved us money!!!) I received coupons for lots of free groceries, won some pretty awesome door prizes and was sent some other cool stuff after the conference ended.
12. The people I did keep in contact with have inspired me to work harder and I've learned a lot by stalking er I mean reading the blogs of some of the gals that were there that I didn't even know existed!

Why I Should Not Go:
1. Last year I didn't follow up enough with people I met
2. I didn't implement a lot of the stuff I did learn
3. It's expensive to get there, stay there and attend the conference

Any ideas on what else I should add to these lists?

63 days until BlogHer     


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