Thursday, May 29, 2014

8 Weeks Until BlogHer!

BlogHer 2014 Selfiebration 

Now that I have made it official by announcing I am officially going to the 2014 BlogHer Conference I feel even more excited about my countdown. Today is 8 weeks or 56 days until the conference and I can not wait! I'm so frikkin stoked I can't even explain it!!!

I fly to San Jose, California on Thursday 7/24/14 early in the morning and will arrive there at about 2 p.m. their time.
I'm staying in a hotel that is connected to the convention center the conference is being held at and then I fly home Sunday 7/28/14.

This was somewhat of a 30th birthday present to myself but I am working on getting my trip completely paid for by doing some blog posts and social media tags that could yield some income. We'll see what happens, but either way I've created a plan for myself to get more out of this year's conference than I did last year.

First, I'm contacting everyone within the first week of my return. Second, every blogger I interact with will get a blogger spotlight on my blog beginning the day after I get home. If I get 100 cards, I'll do 100 spotlights. I really want to interact more with the girls I meet and give them a proper shout out this time around. Third, I won't wait to connect with the brands I'm interested in working with like I did last time. I'm really kicking myself because I waited so long that many of the slots available for reviews and blogger groups filled up fast! This is just the beginning of my plan. I won't squander this second chance!

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