Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Dear readers,

I wanted to take a quick moment to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope your plates will be full of food, your house full of loved ones and your heart full of love. I am grateful for family and friends (real life and internet ones ha!). I'm also really grateful for my job as a blogger, freelance writer, eBook author and photographer. Lastly, I am grateful that this weekend I'll be publishing my second eBook and I have plans to write many more in 2014!!!

This year hasn't gone exactly the way I planned, but I've learned A LOT! I am planning on spending the next few weeks before the new year begins re-examining my goals and making new plans...but for now- I'm just going to enjoy this Thanksgiving day with family. Okay, back to cooking! xoxo!

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