Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Chicago Train Ride and More


While enjoying the blogging conference I had to step out of my comfort zone a lot! I'm not big on going to new places and doing transportation things on my own. I am used to having my husband with me to figure out the logistics of getting from place to place because as anyone can tell you I am horrible with directions and finding my way around anywhere.

The photo above is me in front of a train schedule. I was fortunate that I only had one place to go from the train stop I was dropped off at, but I was nervous nonetheless. I hopped on at the Roselle station and took it to Union Station. The gal that dropped me at the station said, "You'll get off when everyone is getting off." It also helped that it was the last stop and I knew the name of my destination.

Overall throughout the weekend I took the train into the city twice, took four cabs, two buses and one train to the Midway airport. The rest of the time I had a friend driving me around. Is it wrong to say I was a train wreck for the parts I was on my own? I was crazy nervous the whole time trying to find my way around. However, I am tickled pink to report that I figured it out and managed to get to each place I was heading to and then finally made it home to Tampa only having gotten lost once. When I took some bad advice from the public transportation employees at Union Station in Chicago is when I got lost. Thanks a lot jerk face who sent me the wrong was costing me extra $$$ in cab fare and nearly costing me my breakfast since I barely made it in time...

I still prefer having my hubby by my side to assist me in all things transportation and getting around, but I am thrilled I managed to get through the weekend! I feel somewhat empowered by this, but not necessarily ready to do it again on my own for a while!

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