Sunday, August 4, 2013

Couponing to BlogHer 2014?


I definitely want to attend next year's BlogHer conference now that I have attended my first one!!! I am thinking I will either coupon my way to BlogHer '14, seek sponsorship, host some fun events to raise the money to get there or do a combination of all three.

As I mentioned HERE, my goal for BlogHer '14 is to not only get myself there, but to get someone else there as well as my way of paying it forward from all the amazing folks who got me to the 2013 conference. Thanks again by the way!!! (You know who you are- xoxo.)

I have lots of ideas for how I'll get myself and another blogger to the next conference and I plan on getting started on my road to BlogHer '14 very soon :)

I plan on attending as many blogging conferences as possible from now on. I've seen the light and I can't go back. The networking, the learning, the experience that comes with attending blogging conferences....I want more! I will get more and I will BE The Famous Ashley Grant :) (insert evil sounding muahaha laugh here)

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