Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Goal For BlogHer 2014


My goal for  #BlogHer 2014 is to not only be able to pay out of pocket for myself to go, but also to pay for the ticket of another blogger. If it hadn't been for my readers, friends and family donating and helping me get what I needed to go to BlogHer this year I would not have been able to go. I want to pay it forward by next year paying for myself and someone else for the conference!

In the meantime...I'm still $150 short for BlogHer 2013....Can you spare $5? If 30 people donate $5 I will have the money to go to the BlogHer and work towards my goal of being a higher earning ProBlogger. Donate to my fund HERE! A reminder that donating $10 or more has its perks. Find those perks HERE!


  1. Awesome that people were able to donate to your cause! Have you thought of doing sponsorships and reviews to get some funds?! Hope to see you there next year!

    1. Yep! Definitely looking into all kinds of avenues to get to the next conference.


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