Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Blogs


1. The Famous Ashley Grant (the one you are reading now)- a diary of my life as a freelance writer and photographer and a catch all for things on my mind, blog challenges I enter and more...

2. Tampa Bay Freebies- a collection of freebies and deep discounts I find in the Tampa Bay area

3. Lessons Learned From Frugal People - exactly what it sounds like- a collection of lessons I have found form frugal people on how to save money in every day life

4.Full of Bull - Recipes I find for tailgate parties, craft ideas I have tried and/or like for showing USF Bulls Spirit, pics and stories of the Bulls, products I like that show Bulls Spirit and whatever else I feel like adding that is related to the Bulls!

5.Living the Secret - A site dedicated to the principles of the Law of Attraction. A collection of my vision boards, my affirmations, the things I want in life, ideas for how to achieve goals, products that go along with the Law of Attraction and anything else I feel like adding that adheres to the subject of the Law of Attraction.

6.Tampa Bay Bikini Babes- Sadly, this site of mine is a dormant site I haven't added anything to in a long ASH time, but I plan to change that. Fingers crossed that I do!

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