Monday, July 29, 2013

Wait- What? Was it two faced?

 The Famous Ashley Grant AT #BlogHer13 
thanks to my AWESOME peeps :)

I have always believed that if you say something nice to a person and then something mean about them to someone else you are a two faced meanie. To do it publicly, however, where the comment can be seen makes you a double meanie!

Here's what happened....

I asked my readers, friends, family, strangers, etc... for money to go to BlogHer's 2013 conference. Thanks to everyone's generosity I was in fact able to go. (Grant you I ended up spending $350 I didn't have to find a place to stay at last minute for Saturday night because of extenuating circumstances - but I digress...) Had it not been for these awesome donations and the people behind them- I would have been at home instead of the conference.

Most people were crazy nice to me about this request for donations. I got 99.9% positive feedback for handling my road to BlogHer 2013 this way.  I even received this nice comment from someone...

and then.....after seeing the nice comment above, I decided to do the normal friendly blogger thang, reply to the comment and then visit the commenter's page. It led me to a post chastising me for requesting donations in the first place. WTF? How can you say something nice one minute and then PUBLICLY say something awful about me the next? Did you REALLY think I wouldn't see it? Or did you hope I would but didn't have the courage to say it TO ME? are a two faced dumb meanie in my opinion!!!

Below is what I commented to  Mrs. Pancakes...

I am in fact the writer/blogger you are referring to. I’m the one that wrote ” I still have $150 left and if you donated at least $5, I would be able to make my goal so please click here to donate.” 

First, I did make a very conscious effort to offer something in exchange. Every single person who donated got a shout out on the blog and if they donated more than $5 they got additional perks.

Second- The whole idea behind the asking for donations (I don’t feel I was begging) was to be able to go and be able TO afford it. If anyone was offended by my request, that was not my intention and they had the right to simply move on to the next post.

Third- Lots of people were requesting donations to go to this conference. Yes, I agree that donations to charitable causes are important. However, if funding dreams is a bad thing Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites would not exist. 

Lastly- I do intend to seek other avenues to get myself to the next conference and any other event I feel the need to go to in order to keep expanding my career. I will also continue seeking donations because I feel like there is nothing wrong with that!

Have a great week and good luck with your blog :) 

The comment says it is awaiting moderation and because I basically called her out on complaining ABOUT ME I am not sure she will make it live. It doesn't matter either way. I did what I had to in order to get to a conference that I believe will help me in my career. I don't feel the way I handled it was unethical in any way shape or form. Any one who didn't agree with me asking for donations had the right TO NOT DONATE. That's it, plain and simple.

Update!!!! as of July 29, 2013 at 3:28 pm
She responded to me. I think we're cool now...Hope so. Can't stand blogger feuds :)


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  1. The conference was very expensive when added all up and I don't know how most 4000 attendees, many in their 20s could afford it. We met I think Friday morning when you were still feeling well!:) It was at the newbie breakfast and I don' think I ever saw you again as I didn't seem to see anyone I met again in the sea of females. But remembered you AND could attach your face to your card so dropping you a line. Keep in touch!


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