Monday, June 10, 2013

You Drink, I'll Eat!!!

Went out with friend on Friday night to have a bite to eat and cocktails. Since I'm not drinking right now-I ate....desserts...two of them. Creme Brulee AND Strawberry Cheesecake. O. Em. Gee!!!! So yummy it should be illegal!!!! Thank goodness the desserts were minis or I would have ended up in a diabetic coma by the end of the night...They were served in oversized shot glasses and I kept giggling to myself as I thought of that silly line in the movie Grown Ups about getting chocolate wasted because it may not have been chocolate or ice cream, but I was definitely feeling wasted by the end of these two glasses!

Saturday I spent the day at the movies. My husband and I watched three movies but were there for four. We say "Now You See Me" TWICE! I loved it so much I insisted on a second showing. Highly recommended if you like movies about magic like I do. We also watched "After Earth" (snoozefest!) and "Fast and Furious 6" (was this one REALLY even necessary? UGH). Upon returning home I promptly face planted into bed!

Sunday I spent encouraging myself to go grocery shopping and finally around 2 p.m. convinced myself that food would not appear magically in the pantry and refrigerator. (Why not?!? Stamping my feet and throwing a temper tantrum-GRRRRRRRRRR). I couponed a little but still spent more than intended so I am declaring this a week of no eating out! Seriously!

That was my weekend....what was yours like?

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