Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pinterest Project: Hangover Kit

So, my sister was turning 21 and I wanted to give her a fun gift for her birthday. I saw a bunch of gifts like a bouquet of shooters, a bedazzled liquor bottle and other gifts like it. Deciding I didn't want to give her a bunch of alcohol I opted instead to give her something to help the day after her birthday. Enter the Hangover Kit! I found a bunch of these on Pinterest and was pinspired to create my own. What's in this one?

- 5 Hour Energy
- Coffee
- Eye drops
- Water with electrolytes
- Powerade
- Protein Bars
- Tomato Juice and Vodka for a day after Bloody Mary
- Ibuprofen

Have you ever made a Hangover Kit? If so, what was in it? If not, what have you used to get over a Hangover?

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