Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pinterest Project: Fruity Ice Cubes

fruit juice ice cubes 

One of my facebook pals, Brett Upthagrove, suggested I try a project that has been floating around on Pinterest and on a hot day I decided to go for it. The project is fruit juice ice cubes to flavor and change the color of your sprite. Unlike the many of the pins on Pinterest, however, I opted to make mine an non-alcoholic version. So, instead of adding vodka or silver rum, I simply used fruit juice and sprite for my drink.

sprite over fruit juice ice cubes

I made my ice cubes out of Hawaiian Punch and then added them to my glass. I then poured Sprite into the glass. The mixture was pretty decent, but I honestly prefer the flavors of each separately. Still, it was a fun little project to try out. I'm not sure if my ice cubes weren't frozen long enough or if the Sprite was too warm, but the colors blended way too quickly making it look more like ginger ale with fruit juice cubes than Sprite...

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