Friday, June 7, 2013

I Think I'm Going to Start Seriously Hiring Help

I REALLY want to grow my blogging business and I think it's high time I start seriously hiring help. I'm going to find out how to get incorporated and make this business of mine what I REALLY want it to be. I want to hire folks to help me add content to all of my blogs (except this one since it's basically my personal diary LOL).

My goal is to have all of my blogs making me enough money that I can live out my dreams and if I can help others by giving them steady work- all the better, right?!?

The first attempt I made at hiring folks to work for me fizzled out like a sparkler being thrown into water. Depressing! I think round two is in order!

I need to put together an amazing plan and then execute the crap out of it. The sooner the better! Time to seriously get famous in the blogosphere and go from ProBlogger to 6 Figure Earning Problogger! BOOM!

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