Friday, June 21, 2013

90s Kids Memories

I was born in 1984 but was raised 90s style. Yes, that's me above in the 90s...oy! Why a black and white photo? Well, I was blessed with horrible acne so I preferred all my photos in black and white to hide my acne as much as possible!

Oh the 90s.... I had a trapper keeper, a gigapet, loved Ring Pops and Clueless was my go to movie ALL THE TIME! I even tried to dress like Cher from the movie and dreamed of having her rotating closet. memories....

What brought about these flashbacks? Well, tonight my friend Kim and I are traveling to Orlando to watch a New Kids on the Block concert complete with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees.

To show just how all out I'm going with the 90s theme for the night...I'm going to wear a slap bracelet, put my hair up in a scrunchie, my backpack purse and wear this ridiculously loud shirt I painted:

You know you want that shirt! Jealous? Yes, you are! Don't lie. LOL.

I want to see if I can find some ring pops on the way to Orlando too!!! hahahaha

I know Kim and I are going to have a blast at the concert! I've been re-memorizing all of the songs and plan to sing the ones I can remember at the top of my lungs! YES!!! ....I will go to bed really early after the concert though. NOT!
Want some more flashbacks to the 90s? Check this out and this too!
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update- Summer of a Million Views

summer of a million views 

So, I looked at my blog traffic and I wanted to get a million views collectively on all of my blogs by the end of August. I have gotten 4,171 page views since I started my challenge and have 995,829 to go.

Anyone have any ideas of ways I can get to my goal?

My blogs:

1. The Famous Ashley Grant (the one you are reading now)- a diary of my life as a freelance writer and photographer and a catch all for things on my mind, blog challenges I enter and more...

2. Tampa Bay Freebies- a collection of freebies and deep discounts I find in the Tampa Bay area

3. Lessons Learned From Frugal People - exactly what it sounds like- a collection of lessons I have found form frugal people on how to save money in every day life

4.Full of Bull - Recipes I find for tailgate parties, craft ideas I have tried and/or like for showing USF Bulls Spirit, pics and stories of the Bulls, products I like that show Bulls Spirit and whatever else I feel like adding that is related to the Bulls!

5. To Keep Me From G*mbling- This site is about my book 50 Ways to Keep Me From G*mbling and is a diary of my journey to quit as well as stories I found about addiction and recovery...

6.Living the Secret - A site dedicated to the principles of the Law of Attraction. A collection of my vision boards, my affirmations, the things I want in life, ideas for how to achieve goals, products that go along with the Law of Attraction and anything else I feel like adding that adheres to the subject of the Law of Attraction.

7.The Photographic Times- Sadly, this site of mine is a dormant site I haven't added anything to since November, 2011. With this challenge I plan to change that. Fingers crossed that I do!

8. Tampa Bay Bikini Babes- Another dormant site that needs a reboot!

Swimming in Workout Clothes

Was hot from working out- jumped in pool with my work out clothes on. That's just how I roll!

I'm proud to report that last week I worked out four days and this week I've worked out four days so far...Finally getting back into a habit of trying to be healthier. It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I'm almost thirty (a year and two months to go...) and I would like to be in shape for my next several decades in life. So, I've been werqin on mah fitness! Yep!

Stopped gambling? Check! Stopped drinking? Check! Started working out again? Check! Gonna stop eating unhealthy on the list along with getting over my need for diet Pepsi...I'm losing bad habits left and right ya'll!!!

People were looking at me all weird like why is that girl wearing sweat pants and a sports bra in the pool. I just looked back like- why are you wearing swim suits ya weirdos?!? I was hot and DID NOT CARE! hahaha! Only bad thing? I still had another quarter of a mile to walk back to my apartment. Doing that soaking wet kinda sucked! Was totally worth it though ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Ultimate Fantasy Right Now


I have a pretty big and intense fantasy right now! It's not sexual, but it is pretty wild! I want to call/text my husband and ask him to quit his job, have him rush home, help me give and sell everything away and then just hit the road! I want to just move out of my apartment this weekend and leave town and start my dream of being a TRAVELING writer and photographer.

I only have one scheduled shoot left on my calendar right now- it's this weekend. I want to finish the gig and then get outta dodge! Crazy? YES! Want to do it anyway? Hell yes!

What's the worst that could happen? My husband and I could run out of money by next week. We could be barely able to find food let alone gas to get to our next destination. We could end up having to beg for cash to come back home with our tails between our legs and look for a new job for my husband (I only say my husband because my job could be done from anywhere with internet access...). While trying to find him work we might have to live with my father-in-law, my parents or in my car.

There! I've figured out the worst case scenario. On the flip side...what's the best thing that could happen? We could come up with a way to have plenty of money on the road. My blogs could get wildly popular and fund our adventures from state to state and then ultimately country to country. We could wake up every day with something new and exciting to do. Then, once we're done with the globe trotting lifestyle we could settle down and maybe start a family or some other adventure.

If my husband and I keep waiting to start living out our dreams, we may end up waiting the rest of our lives. I don't want to wake up one day regretting all the things I didn't do! I want to make a plan to start living out our dreams and goals THIS year! Not next year, next decade or even in retirement....but NOW! Why not?!?

The photo above is what prompted this post. I found it on Ali Brown's facebook page and it really struck a cord in me. Obviously...LOL! I don't want to wait anymore for the perfect moment. The moment may never be perfect. It's beyond time to shake things up. Thinking it's time to discuss this with the hubby. He gets off at 6 and we will definitely be talking tonight!

Source for image above

How To Become a Millionaire

stacks of money image from

I want to be a #millionaire ... So, I've given this some thought and here's 10 ways I can acquire a million dollars:

1. Sell 500,000 copies of my eBook 50 Ways to Keep Me From G*mbling since I get about $2 per copy sold. If not this book, then some other awesome eBook I write. This is the most likely scenario anyway out of all the items on my list...IMHO
2. Hang out at the casino more often in hopes of an awkward reenactment of "Indecent Proposal" ....oh wait- I'm not a whore and not Demi Moore....
3. Rob a bunch of banks and then skip town to a non extradition country like in the movies.
4. Take a life insurance policy out on myself. Fake own death. Have hubby collect the money and meet me in another country/town/place...
5. Continue adding money to a retirement account and wait 50 years to let it grow and compound into a million all the while gritting my teeth that it's taking so damn long...

6. I heard about a guy that was pretending to be homeless and was making $300K a year doing that...I'm way cuter and could totally get a million dollars in a year or two. Right? LOL! Don't answer this question. Thanks! hahaha
7. Have a long lost relative leave me a hefty inheritance...highly unlikely considering I know all the folks in my family as far as I know and doubt an unknown family member would leave me money at the time of their expiration...but hey....these are just thoughts anyway....
8. Get a wildly popular blog and insane endorsement deals. This could totally happen! If a woman writing about the color of her kids poop can make $2 million on her blog I totally could do that too!
9. Make a crap ton of Youtube videos and get a bunch of hits ala Gangnam Style...
10. Create a product, patent that crap and then sell the bejesus out of it. Pet rock, slinky, koosh ball, and ahem... SNUGGIE .... so why not me?!?

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Friday, June 7, 2013

I Think I'm Going to Start Seriously Hiring Help

I REALLY want to grow my blogging business and I think it's high time I start seriously hiring help. I'm going to find out how to get incorporated and make this business of mine what I REALLY want it to be. I want to hire folks to help me add content to all of my blogs (except this one since it's basically my personal diary LOL).

My goal is to have all of my blogs making me enough money that I can live out my dreams and if I can help others by giving them steady work- all the better, right?!?

The first attempt I made at hiring folks to work for me fizzled out like a sparkler being thrown into water. Depressing! I think round two is in order!

I need to put together an amazing plan and then execute the crap out of it. The sooner the better! Time to seriously get famous in the blogosphere and go from ProBlogger to 6 Figure Earning Problogger! BOOM!

All About Moi

 The Famous Ashley Grant

Found this nifty questionnaire on The Dansha Diaries and since I thought it was cool I decided I would do one all about me!

All about moi:

NICKNAMES: The Famous Ashley Grant, that’s about it as of late. My maiden name led to nicknames that I shall not repeat. Kids can be cruel….

BIRTHDAY: 08-14 (I would give the year but that would, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion of my real age.)


HEIGHT: 5'4.5 - Yep! I’ve got a half in my height!


HAIR COLOR: dark brown but I’m thinking of dying it auburn again


FROM: Pineville, KY but have lived in Tampa, FL since I was a one year old.

PETS: Sadly none, but I will change this once I get a place that doesn’t charge RENT for an animal!!!

FAMILY: Just a few on my husband’s side but too many to count on mine…

PERSONALITY: Awesome! DUH! I’m wild and loud and crazy and fun.

LIKES: Writing, taking pictures, blogging, traveling (although I don’t do it enough yet- planning on changing this too!), cooking, crafting, hanging out with the hubster!

DISLIKES: Stress, uncertainty, controversy, loneliness

FAVORITE ACCENTS: Australian, Southern a.k.a redneck- feels like home. LOL!

FAVORITE ANIMALS: Cats and dogs! They both have qualities I love so it’s a tie between the two.

FAVORITE BOOKS: 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris  and My So CalledFreelance Life by Michelle Goodman

FAVORITE COLORS: Hot pink and black-together not separate!

FAVORITE COUNTRY: America for sure, but I have not traveled enough of the world to make that my final answer.

FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK: Sunday- I always seem the most relaxed on a Sunday

FAVORITE DRINK: Diet Pepsi- don’t judge!

FAVORITE FLOWER: Carnations have always been my favorite.

FAVORITE HOLIDAYS: Christmas – I prefer giving gifts over receiving though


FAVORITE MONTH: January- new beginnings!


FAVORITE POSSESSIONS: My laptop and camera

FAVORITE QUOTES: “The stuff you own ends up owning you”
“If you don’t like what you are doing, change it!”
“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

FAVORITE SHOES: My sneakers. They’re the most comfortable!

FAVORITE SPORT: To watch- football, but only live. To play- none- I have no coordination!

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO:  Travel to new places, eat new foods, try new things, explore

1. Spiders and snakes
2. The dark
3. Death

1. How to make a million dollars and then actually do it!
2. Spanish
3. How to be more independent

1. Laptop
2. My cell phone
3. A caffeinated beverage!

1. German
2. Cherokee Indian
3. English

1. Saysa Rawr! (Don’t ask. LOL)
2. Oh hai!
3. Not sure what else I say the most. Haha

So now you all know a lot little about me!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Pinterest Projects...


I'm sure by now you are learning I'm obsessed with Pinterest! The site it my holy grail for crafts, recipes, exercise ideas and so much more... Below are my Pinterest projects that I've done so far. I'll update this list as time goes on.

Oreo Pops

21st Birthday Cake

Hangover Kit

Fruity Ice Cubes

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Pinspired Waffles

Pinspired! 101 in 1001 (aaaaannd GO!)



Things to Do With Cadbury Eggs

Paper Wall Art

Stacked Organizer

Putting My Picture Frames on the Wall

Pinterest Project: Oreo Pops

oreo pops 

For a baby shower my mom was looking for some fun ideas for party favors. On Pinterest there are several ideas including Oreo Pops! I decided to help my mom out in making the ones you see above. We used white chocolate melts from Wilton and melted them in a double boiler. We slipped double stuffed Oreos onto long lollipop sticks and dipped them into the melted white chocolate. After they cooled and hardened, we spritzed Wilton edible spray onto them to color them pink and purple to match the shower colors. To make the cute butterflies we used a Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine and then attached them with a glue dot and some curled ribbon around a cellophane bag.

I personally felt these Oreo Pops were a little too sweet, but they were super cute and from what I heard everyone at the shower loved them! I have tried them in milk chocolate as well and prefer them that way, but hey- that wouldn't have matched...

Pinterest Project: 21st Birthday Cake


As I said in another post my sister recently turned 21. I decided to make her a fun cake for her birthday. I found a bunch of silly cakes for your 21st birthday on Pinterest and was pinspired to make one of my own. I found a Barbie that was dressed for the club and plopped her onto a vanilla cake with chocolate icing. The white icing spelled out "Happy 21st Rebecca" and I used some of the leftover white icing mixed with some sprinkles to make it appear as though Barbie couldn't handle her drinks. Notice the "beer mug", shoes and pocketbook strewn about and of course what looks like a bottle of liquor on the lower corner.

The cake was a hit! My sister laughed and it tasted great. Such a fun Pinterest project!

Pinterest Project: Hangover Kit

So, my sister was turning 21 and I wanted to give her a fun gift for her birthday. I saw a bunch of gifts like a bouquet of shooters, a bedazzled liquor bottle and other gifts like it. Deciding I didn't want to give her a bunch of alcohol I opted instead to give her something to help the day after her birthday. Enter the Hangover Kit! I found a bunch of these on Pinterest and was pinspired to create my own. What's in this one?

- 5 Hour Energy
- Coffee
- Eye drops
- Water with electrolytes
- Powerade
- Protein Bars
- Tomato Juice and Vodka for a day after Bloody Mary
- Ibuprofen

Have you ever made a Hangover Kit? If so, what was in it? If not, what have you used to get over a Hangover?

Pinterest Project: Fruity Ice Cubes

fruit juice ice cubes 

One of my facebook pals, Brett Upthagrove, suggested I try a project that has been floating around on Pinterest and on a hot day I decided to go for it. The project is fruit juice ice cubes to flavor and change the color of your sprite. Unlike the many of the pins on Pinterest, however, I opted to make mine an non-alcoholic version. So, instead of adding vodka or silver rum, I simply used fruit juice and sprite for my drink.

sprite over fruit juice ice cubes

I made my ice cubes out of Hawaiian Punch and then added them to my glass. I then poured Sprite into the glass. The mixture was pretty decent, but I honestly prefer the flavors of each separately. Still, it was a fun little project to try out. I'm not sure if my ice cubes weren't frozen long enough or if the Sprite was too warm, but the colors blended way too quickly making it look more like ginger ale with fruit juice cubes than Sprite...

I Should Have Blogged That!


That awkward moment when you realize a facebook post would have been better as a blog post...Yep- just had that moment. A facebook post I added to my page would have been a great blog post and could have been linked to on my facebook page but by posting it to my wall instead of my blog I missed out on an opportunity to get page views and traffic. D'oh! I could have expanded on the post and had more content. I could have gotten comments. I could have blah blah blah....GRRRRRR!!!

Have you ever deleted a facebook post to make it a blog post and then link to it via facebook? Is it too late for me? Should I just let it go and not worry about it? Is this just a lesson I should remember...I think so. I'll think a little more carefully about what I post freely to facebook since it could cost me page views by not blogging it instead...
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