Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wake Up Without Caffeine?

So, I just  watched the video on Yahoo! entitled Mansome 182: STAY AWAKE FOR DAYS WITHOUT CAFFEINE. Upon watching this video, I became excited at the prospect of being able to stay up to complete a deadline sans coffee or soda, but at the same time I am hesitant to accept everything in the video.

For example, it says that your body can acclimate to being awake 6-8 hours taking a 20 minute cat nap and then being awake 6-8 hours taking a 20 minute cat nap and continuing this process until you are ready for a full night's rest. Personally, 20 minute cat naps induce mini-comas for me when I'm super tired.

I did agree with drinking more water to wake yourself up as I site here with 3 bottles in front of me even though I am dog tired from a rough night.

For me, the best thing to stay awake while I work on deadline is music.

Watch the video, see what you think and then comment below with what you do to stay awake sans caffeine...

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