Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri? Yum-O!!!

Who says you need alcohol to have a yummy drink? Not too many people I'm guessing, but it became standard practice for me for a while there to just order a fruity cocktail to get my fruity fix. The other night I went out with a girlfriend and because I've decided to live a sober lifestyle I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri to get my fruity fix. Ya know what? It was actually better than the strawberry daiquiris I've had with alcohol. I suspect it's because there wasn't anything taking away from the delicious strawberry flavor. There's your "well duh!" moment for the day. 

As of today I'm  9 days sober and with every passing day I feel more and more confident that I'll be just fine living a sober lifestyle. With every passing day I'm feeling less and less that I desire alcohol. I'm starting to get over the habit of just ordering a cocktail because I'm out. 

The funny thing is I swore I'd never get addicted to alcohol, but I could definitely feel myself getting to addicted for comfort. The words "Man, I need a drink" were starting to come out of my mouth way to frequently. I'm replacing those words with "Man, I need to meditate" and "Man, I need to take a walk." Just 9 days later I'm amazed how empowered and how much happier I feel! So, with sweet tea in hand-> Cheers!

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