Monday, April 1, 2013

Thank You Everyone! I'm Going to Chicago for BlogHer!!!

thank you in many languages 

Hey everyone!!! I have an awesome status update regarding me going to BlogHer. I am DEFINITELY going to the conference in July. I had two amazing folks help me in the biggest way for me to actually attend. One gave me a place to stay while I'm in Chicago and the other is taking care of my flight. The only other concern I had was the ticket to actually get into the conference.

Now, I had set a deadline of March 31, 2013 to determine whether or not I was going because I knew the closer I book to the conference the more expensive travel and lodging will be. The good news is that part is out of the way now so my only REAL expense is the ticket. I raised $246.97 towards my $400 ticket. I thought this ticket was going to be $600 but after talking with the folks from BlogHer I learned I qualify to buy the $400 ticket since no one single company sponsored me outright. This means I'm still $153.03 away from the ticket, but I have a plan...

I won't be posting updates every day anymore begging for money =) Instead I'll randomly post when something is for sale to go towards my BlogHer fund, I'm going to assist with a trunk sale that will give me a cut towards my ticket and I'm considering hosting an event to raise the money.  Oh, and I've signed up for to offer stuff and gigs for sale to go towards my fund.

With all of this said, I'm going to Chicago!!! Travel and lodging? Check! Now I have until July 1 to get the rest of my funds together for this amazing conference. I'm tickled pink that I'm going and can not wait to live tweet and blog from BlogHer!

Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me on my road to BlogHer so far. Thanks for the monetary donations, lodging and flight donations, facebook shoutouts, retweets and more. Each one of you that has been helping me in my quest to get to Chicago for the BlogHer conference have been so amazing to me and I thank you so much!!! Those folks that have been promised shoutouts- if I haven't given you one yet call me out on it and I'll correct it.

The biggest donor of funds was Venus & Mars Day Spa. They donated $100 to my fund so they are getting a HUGE advertising package from me in return beginning today :) Be a fan of Venus & Mars Day Spa on facebook!!

Can you spare $5? If 200 people donate $5 I will have the money to go to the BlogHer and work towards my goal of being a higher earning ProBlogger. Donate to my fund HERE! A reminder that donating $10 or more has its perks. Find those perks HERE

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