Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Atkins Beef Merlot

atkins beef merlot 

Over on my website Tampa Bay Freebies I wrote about how you can get a free Atkins Starter Kit. If you want one too click HERE to learn how to get one. One of the things in the kit was a coupon for a free Atkins frozen meal. I opted to buy the Beef Merlot. Here are my thoughts on this frozen meal:

- First, I was pissed at Wal-Mart because the would not take the full value off even though the coupon said free! They made me pay $0.49 out of the $3.98 original cost! WTF Wal-Mart? FREE MEANS FREE! Whatever! I'll just go to Publix next time when I have coupons since they don't screw me...but I digress...
- The package instructions were easy. I've gotten some frozen meals that require you to slit the plastic, heat the item, pour it out, spin around, do a dance, make a fire, then put it out, put the meal back in the microwave, bang two sticks together and then pray to the sun gods for a nice day and then you can finally eat. Okay- obviously that is complete bullshit, but you get my point that some instructions are so long and annoying you are left wishing you just ate a PB&J because that has less steps...
- The meat was a lot saltier than I expected but it was decent. A little chewy, but overall pretty good considering it's a "diet meal". The flavor was pleasurable in fact.
- The broccoli was okay, but not great. I found myself slathering it in the left over sauce from the meat to be able to get it down.
- "Wow that TV dinner was really filling", said No One EVER! It was a decent snack, but unless you pair it with a salad or eat two of them, you'll be left hungry and dissatisfied.

*Note- I didn't get paid for this review and am not an affiliate for Atkins, but I felt it necessary to share this anyway

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  1. Ashley, Your review is both helpful and fun to read. Thank you for trying this and giving your readers the straight info.

    1. Happy to help :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I assume, because you are eating diet food, that you want to lose weight. I hope you are just doing a review, and not trying this "losing" tactic!
    The fact is, everyone has a different amount of food that will fill them up- and certainly, a company that's making money will want to give you the least amount of food for the money! And I can't even begin to imagine the quality of the meat/broccoli. And don't even get me started on Walmart!
    The bottom line is, if you want to be a successful loser, don't diet ever! http://www.makeitsomindset.com/mindset-change-for-weight-loss/

    1. I'm trying to lose weight. Yes! Would I ever do it with prepackaged meals? Nope! LOL. I just got it for free and I never turn down a free meal unless it's looking at me, still moving or just downright gross ;) Thanks for the link. I'll look into it :)


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