Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects


I thought for today's blog post I would just tell all my readers about some of my ongoing projects I'm working on and some upcoming ones too.

- Three years later I'm still working on my website Tampa Bay Freebies. Nothing makes me happier than getting something for free. I just LOVE free stuff!!! In March 2010 I posted my first freebie onto the website and on 10-10-10 I purchased the domain and I've been posting to it ever since. I've got a long way to go before I have the site exactly how I want it, but I'm getting closer every day. My goal is to have the site be a place that Tampa Bay residents can come to to find out how to eat, drink and go to the movies completely free. I also want to hire several writers to help me update the site more frequently and be able to pay them all a nice fee so that we are all making money on the site.

- In November 2009 I started the website We Are Full of Bull. This website began as just a place to sell a shirt I had designed but now several years later I'm trying to decide what I want to do with it. I would like for it to become a place for tailgate recipes, tailgate pictures, fan craft ideas and more. I'd also like to feature an athlete of the week and a Business Bull of the month and things like that. I plan to make the decisions on what all I will do with the website by football season. Again, I also want to hire several writers to help me update the site more frequently and be able to pay them all a nice fee so that we are all making money on the site. I also want to hire photographers to take pictures at the various USF events and place them on the site 100% free for fans to enjoy and download.

- In 2009 I began posting to a blog inspired by the book The Secret, but I've taken it down, put it back up and then finally purchased the domain for it less than a year ago. I'm getting more serious about posting to it. I started posting The Prosperity Game onto it pretty frequently and want it to be a site people can go to to become inspired for their dreams to come true and have their wishes fulfilled. I also want it to be a diary of the abundance coming into my life and the accomplishment of the items on my personal bucket list.

- I got accepted by to be their Tampa Guide in March 2011 and I've enjoyed every minute of being their guide!!! I just signed my 2013 renewal in March 2013 for another year and I look forward to working another year with the site and hopefully being renewed for many many many more years to come. Check out my site with About HERE. My goal is to build and grow the fan base for my site and get the community to submit more events and story ideas and make into a viable option for finding about things that need and want to know about the Tampa Bay area!

- Other projects: I own several other domains that I'm debating about what to do with. I am working on research for four eBooks and have one eBook done that is in editing now. I plan to self publish the eBook that is being edited right now by the end of this month if all goes well. I just want to be writing and taking pictures more than ever before and ultimately end up traveling the world and document my travels online and in eBooks and anywhere people want.

The more I work the more excited I get. I am a professional blogger in that I'm getting paid to do it, my next goal is to be a 6 figure per year earning problogger and world traveler with my husband. Beyond that, I'm not sure exactly what else I see in my future but every day that I get closer to accomplishing the goals I currently have makes me happier and happier!

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  1. Wow, Ashley, you have a LOT going on! I am really impressed, and with that kind of energy and optimism, I've no doubt that you'll accomplish your goals sooner rather than later! Good for you, chickie!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments! I sure do hope I accomplish my goals quickly!!


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