Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Make 6 Figures in One Year

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I said in a recent post that my goal beginning with this year is to make 6 figures a year annually. Here, now are 10 of my ideas of ways to make 6 figures in one year. At the end of this list, feel free to add a comment if you have a better way to make 6 figures in one year or if you would like to chime in about how crazy/brilliant you think I am in the comments section.

1. Ask 100,000 people for $1 and assume they will give it to me. Or get really crazy and ask 20,000 people for $5 and assume they will give it to me ;) Oh, that reminds me...Can you spare $5 to my BlogHer fund? If so, feel free to donate HERE!(Thanks in advance!!!)
2. Write a book, self-publish on Amazon, at $2 in royalties sell 50,000 copies to have $100,000. Repeat every year for the rest of my working days.
3. Promote a product that is at least $100 on Amazon and get 25,000 people to purchase it since I currently get 4% of any purchase as an affiliate.
4. Sell 20,000 items on My current offer that is up is to "Paint Your Name Graffiti Style on Canvas for $5"
5. Begin stripping in Pasco/Polk County (since someone said I'm too fat to strip in Hillsborough- long story LOL) for a year hoping to earn about $274 a night. Mom, if you are reading this- calm down. I'm not actually going to become a stripper it was just an idea I had for this list of 10 ways I could make 6 figures in a year!
6. Make a Youtube video and try to make it go viral to make 6 figures. Not sure what the per view rate would be so I'm not sure how many views I need for a viral video- but you get the idea ;)
7. Use Google Adsense on all of my blogs and somehow get enough page views on them to result in 6 figures. Again, not sure what the per view rate would be but assuming a penny per view I would need 10,000,000 in one year. Since I said this I guess I should post links to my current websites: Tampa Bay Freebies, The Famous Ashley Grant, Living the Secret, We Are Full of Bull  
8. Write 4,000 blog posts for other people at $25 each
9. Work 2,000 hours as a photographer at $50/hr in one year
10. Get 1,000 freelance writing gigs at $100 each in one year. The most I've gotten in one year was 52 gigs at $100/gig, but hey! I didn't try as hard as I should have and if I put my mind to it anything is possible. Right? Right? Crickets? Seriously...was that sound byte really necessary? Oh, those sounds are in my head? I guess I'm just losing it...

Maybe I should just meet a millionaire and ask him for $100,000. This is highly unlikely, but then again I'm very persuasive when I'm motivated enough to get what I want. Ha!

In all honesty, I'm thinking the one I'll pursue the hardest to make 6 figures this year is option #2 because I just finished writing my first eBook and plan to self publish via Amazon this month ;)

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  1. I love your sense of humor! Good luck with your new e-book. Amazon just excepted mine a few weeks ago. A year from now lets check back to see if we've reached our goal!!

  2. Love it! yes, we will check back in a year with each other and see how we did. must plug it into the calendar now because I'm forgetful. LOL. Glad you like my sense of humor. Hope my mom doesn't think I'm REALLY going to start stripping. hahaha

  3. Good luck with all this, Ashley! I enjoy your sense of humor. I've had similar brainstorming sessions, myself. My son (computer web designer) says I'm just in the wrong field to make money. Boo.

  4. I love your take and humor! Good luck with your ebook!

  5. You know what, nothing happens if we don't think about it. You have a nice list and I bet more ideas are coming. I bet it will be a combo of ideas that gets you (and me) to 6 figures! Yea!

  6. HAH! That was totally hilarious!! <3 I loved it. Totally made my afternoon.


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