Sunday, March 31, 2013

Things Pinterest Taught Me: Things to Do With Peeps


Last year I wrote a post called Things Pinterest Taught Me: Things to Do With Cadbury Eggs.This Easter I think it's a Peeps kind of day :) So, here are five things you can do with Peeps

1. Peeps s'mores!!! Pinned HERE and Here is a recipe to make them. 

2. Peeptini! Pinned HERE and my favorite recipe to make them is actually from a Playboy bunny. Here is the best peeptini recipe EVER

3. Dip Peeps in Chocolate and make Peeps Pops or Tuxedo Peeps or even Peep Kabobs!

4. Make a beach party peep that is "swimming" in Jello - perfect for Florida. Check it out HERE!

5.  Use your peeps to adorn a sunflower cake, a cupcake or even a cupcake peep push-pop.

Like the Cadbury Eggs post, if these ideas don't tickle your fancy you could always just settle for eating them right out of their package =) Happy Easter! May your Peeps be a plenty and may all their calories not stick to you! 

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