Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank You Shout Outs Part Deux! 3/8/13

thank you part deux 

Today has just been amazing! Thank you to the folks that have donated and thanks for those that have posted my link on their facebook pages and twitter pages encouraging their followers, fans and friends to donate to my road to BlogHer fund too!

A few quick shout outs to some awesome ladies!!!

-Kim Sonefeld of Hummingbird Invitation Studio Check out their company Website HERE

-Lisa Casolino of Casonlino Entertainment Be sure to follow her on twitter and become a fan =)

- Robin Kelly

-If I missed you let me know and I'll add you to the next round of shout outs!!!

Do you want a thank you shout out? Donate to my fund HERE! A reminder that donating $10 or more has its perks. Find those perks HERE!

Can you spare $5? If just 200 people donate $5 I will have the money to go to the BlogHer and work towards my goal of being a higher earning ProBlogger.

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