Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thank You Shout Outs 3/27/13

Thank You Shout Outs 32713 

For anyone who has been following this blog or my facebook pages lately you know I've been desperately trying to raise the money to get to the BlogHer conference in July. I've posted some shout outs HERE, HERE and HERE and now it's time for some more!!!

Thank you so much to the following people who have been so helpful in getting me to BlogHer:

- Robert Yaniz of the Crooked Table
- Jere Proctor
- Heather Rickel Palmer  
- Jacqui Anderson
- Letty Schleifer 
- Anonymous Donors- you know who you are

Funds update- I'm just $200 from my goal and 5 days to my self imposed deadline. I've gotten the lodging and flight handled thanks to two amazingly generous people and now all I need is the last $200 to actually pay for the ticket INTO the conference :-)

Can you spare $5? If 200 people donate $5 I will have the money to go to the BlogHer and work towards my goal of being a higher earning ProBlogger. Donate to my fund HERE! A reminder that donating $10 or more has its perks. Find those perks HERE!  

Source for image above.

Did you donate and I missed your shout out? My bad! Call me out on it and I'll fix it ASAP!!!

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