Thursday, February 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Meeting Jo Koy

The Famous Ashley Grant and Jo Koy at Improv 

#TBT - I keep seeing folks posting Throwback Thursday images and I must confess, I LOVE the idea. Looking back through awesome memories always makes me smile. So, with that I decided I will try from now on to remember to post a Throwback Thursday image here on my website. If you want to see them, they will be here, if not...feel free to carry on with your day ;) Above is an image from my birthday week (specifically 8/13/2009) when I got to meet the fabulous and very funny Jo Koy! I met him at Improv in Ybor City. We scored free tickets and you can too. Check out how to get free tickets to Improv HERE :)

You can actually watch Jo Koy's comedy special Don't Make Him Angry completely free with a 1 month trial of Netflix. Interested in how to get in on this deal? Check it out via Tampa Bay Freebies :)

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