Thursday, February 21, 2013

Operation Purge- My Challenge to You

purge image

It's time. I've begun operation purge (again LOL)! I have so much crap that has accumulated in my small living quarters that I decided a lot of stuff just has to go. Last weekend I got rid of 8 boxes of stuff and there is still more stuff I want to get rid of.

Why do we keep stuff we know we will never use again? Well, said it could be that we think we might use again or that we have issues with perfectionism. There were other reasons listed but, my bottom line is when I get rid of stuff I always feel better. So, I'm going to keep purging until I have everything organized and I'm only keeping things that have actual value to me whether it be sentimental value or use value.

This weekend I challenge you to get rid of some stuff too. I got the idea for a 100 items purge challenge HERE. Let me know if you take the challenge and what you plan to get rid of. Happy purging ya'll!

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