Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help Send Me to BlogHer!

The Famous Ashley Grant in a Blue Shirt 

Okay! I'm getting impatient. LOL. Since no companies have signed on to sponsor me outright for #BlogHer I'm going to ask EVERYONE to donate to a fund to send me to the BlogHer conference in July in Chicago, Illinois. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why should I care and help this girl who claims to be The Famous Ashley Grant?" That's a very good question potential donor and thank you for asking. Here are five reasons to donate to my fund to get myself to BlogHer:

1. Donating to a cause will make us both feel good. You, because you did something nice for someone else and me, because I'll get to go to the conference and learn how to get more famous.
jump for joy image 

2. Getting me famous will lead to more entertainment for you all, giveaways on my blogs, more fun posts on my blogs and opportunities for you to watch me make a complete spectacle of myself ;)
let me entertain you image 

3. You will know that you helped a girl working towards a dream and once she is famous you will be able to say, "I helped make that girl famous!"
living the dream image

4. When I do get famous I'll remember you because I will keep a list of everyone who helps me get there and they will all get shout outs!!!
get famous image 

5. I really really really want to go and helping me get there will make me love you forever!

I love you in sign language

So, ready to help me get to BlogHer? Awesome! You can donate to my fund HERE
Thanks in advance. I appreciate each and every one of you. xoxo
I only need 100 people to donate $10 for me to be able to go. That's not that much so let's do this!!


  1. If you are a great blogger and this doesn't work out. You can make great money blogging. You can start you own business and if you still want to be famous all you have to do is get at of the top leader boards and you will be up on stage. Just a thought. if you are ever interested find me on skype glenn.byers10

  2. It is plain to see with so many of the famous, that fame isn't the ultimate. You are already equal in importance to the famous. Best of luck.


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