Thursday, February 21, 2013

Everything Must Go So I Can Too!

full of bull jacqui 

Unless you have been living under a rock (or simply not keeping up with my blog and status updates on twitter and facebook lol) you know I'm looking for folks to help me on my road to BlogHer. My dream of becoming a ProBlogger came true when I got hired on with and now my next goal is to become a high income earning ProBlogger. With that said I need $1,000 to get to BlogHer to cover travel, the conference ticket and miscellaneous expenses. I'm reaching out to everyone I know and a bunch of people I don't asking them to donate to my BlogHer fund.

Some amazing folks have already donated a nice chunk including:
- Donovan Dreyer of
- Terry Rader of Premier Jewelry Designs
- and some other generous donors who wished to remain anonymous

To up the ante, I'm selling a bunch of my stuff to get to BlogHer. First up, is the last of my inventory of Full of Bull Shirts...I've got the following available... 5 Smalls, 6 large and 7 XL shirts. The shirt is picture above. Interested in buying one? contact me via the button above or HERE and let me know what size in the comments section and I'll shoot an invoice to you and then mail it out right away. They are only $15 including shipping!!!

Also for sale, discounted outdoor family photo sessions. Normally I charge $200 for one hour and the CD of all the negatives. I'll knock off $100 for anyone who wants to buy one of these sessions before March 31,2013!!!(Offer is only valid in the Tampa Bay area)

I'll post more stuff I'll be selling in the coming days until I've reached my fund goal!!

Thanks to everyone who has already donated and thanks to everyone who is going to donate. =)

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