Thursday, February 28, 2013

Advertising Opportunity Beginning at Just $10!!!

The Famous Ashley Grant 

 As I mentioned, kickstarter turned me down in my quest to raise the money to get to BlogHer. I still need about $800 to get to the conference including all expenses and I have to get it by 3/31/2013, so, here are the offers I made had the kickstarter thing gone through....advertising beginning at just $10? YES! Please help me on my road to BlogHer!!! You can donate to my fund HERE!

-Donate $10 or more
If you give me $10 towards my goal I will give you a shout out on my blog this month-> April 2013.
Estimated delivery: April 2013

-Donate $25 or more
All above rewards plus an additional shout out on my blog  
Estimated delivery: May 2013

-Donate $50 or more
All above rewards plus an ad banner on my blog  
Estimated delivery: June 2013

-Donate $100 or more
All above rewards plus an ad banner on my blog  
Estimated delivery: July 2013

-Donate $550 or more
If you give me $550 or more I will wear your company's gear (a shirt) to the conference, I'll use your company's pens at the conference, I'll give you a full year's banner ad from July 2013 through July 2014 on my blog, all above rewards, send you a postcard from the conference, send you photos of me at the conference and tweet shout outs to your 
company on my twitter feed each day of the conference!
Estimated delivery: July 2013


Friday, February 22, 2013

Fellow Blogger Spotlight- The Fashion Authority

Bobbie Y. Kingsbury 

The Fashion Authority blog is run by the fabulous Bobbie Y. Kingsbury. She is a fashion designer and a stylist for women. She has been sewing for 14 years and designing for 3 years. Bobbie is also the owner of The Fashion Authority.

"Bobbie graduated from IADT Tampa with an A.S. in Fashion Design & Marketing in the fall of 2008. The Fashion Authority is a full-service fashion designer & wardrobe stylist business operated in stylish South Tampa. I specialize in one-of-a-kind garments, high end designer looks, wardrobe re-designs & style make-overs. Working with a team of expert MUA's and master hair stylists, the Fashion Authority has all of your fashion and style needs met."

Check out her awesome blog today!

Wanna be featured as a fellow blogger/pal contact me above and tell me why =)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Operation Purge- My Challenge to You

purge image

It's time. I've begun operation purge (again LOL)! I have so much crap that has accumulated in my small living quarters that I decided a lot of stuff just has to go. Last weekend I got rid of 8 boxes of stuff and there is still more stuff I want to get rid of.

Why do we keep stuff we know we will never use again? Well, said it could be that we think we might use again or that we have issues with perfectionism. There were other reasons listed but, my bottom line is when I get rid of stuff I always feel better. So, I'm going to keep purging until I have everything organized and I'm only keeping things that have actual value to me whether it be sentimental value or use value.

This weekend I challenge you to get rid of some stuff too. I got the idea for a 100 items purge challenge HERE. Let me know if you take the challenge and what you plan to get rid of. Happy purging ya'll!

Source for image above

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest Pinspired Waffles

I got the idea from pinterest to make biscuits in a waffle maker. This was the result! These were so yummy with syrup that I doubt I'll ever pull out the mixing bowl, flour and eggs again when I get a waffle craving!!! The can of biscuits was just a little over $1 and we got 10 little waffles out of that $1. Money deliciously spent? Yes! YUM!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Can You Start Living Your Dream?

Tammy Levent 

We Have Infinite Power – Sure – But how can you start living your dream?

Guest Post by TammyLevent, Business Strategist, Life Coach, and CEO of Elite Travel

“We Have Infinite Power” to live the lives we want – that’s my personal motto, and the one I teach in my WHIPshop™ classes. It’s easy to say, but believing that it applies to you is the hard part. Before you can access your power to build your dream life, there are three things you need to do to lay the foundation.

1.       Stop dwelling on the past. You can’t look back and run forward at the same time.
Responsibilities claim us, our own choices seem to limit us, personal tragedies can rip our lives apart - and suddenly, we see more closed doors than open ones. But the open doors are there (and if they aren’t, you can make them). Successful people don’t lead charmed lives in which nothing bad ever happens, but they don’t dwell on their failures either. They move on from Plan A to Plan B – all the way down to Z – when things don’t work out.  It’s not about staying positive; it’s about having a learning curve.

2.       Your best teachers are the people who have hurt you. Learn from them.
Sometimes it’s not an act of God that prevents us from living our dreams – people are just as capable of knocking us down.  Learn from those experiences so you can avoid them the next time you see warning signs.

3.       Surround yourself with people who are living their dreams.
It’s like you tell your kids when they’re growing up: you are who you’re with. If you surround yourself with people who are stuck in their bad situations, it’s too easy to remain mired in your own limitations. Instead, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and who you can learn from.

Now, what is your dream? 

Photo above by Joel Cocker Photography
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