Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation- Fiona Glenanne a.k.a. Gabrielle Anwar

Fiona Glenanne 1 
I've been saying for quite a while now that one of my biggest obsessions is the show Burn Notice. (Learn how you can watch seasons 1 through 5 of Burn Notice completely free). Part of that obsession is the desire to be as physically fit and strong as one of the characters- Fiona Glenanne played by Gabrielle Anwar.

  Fiona Glenanne 2 

Fiona Glenanne is strong, independent, smart, sexy and fashionable. I also love how she knows exactly what she wants and goes for it every single time. I wish I had her energy, her passion, her knowledge of guns and explosives, her ability to get people to give me everything I want when I want it and of course her amazing body! Who wouldn't want to be a strong female lead right?
  Fiona Glenanne 3

I can't say that I would want to chase a man that doesn't put me first, however! I'm glad that by season 5 Michael finally becomes Fiona's boyfriend again, but the way she had to chase him for four years would drive me insane. I'm glad that my husband loves me and was there for me from our first date! I can't deny though that many of the scenes of hot passion between Fiona and Michael do make me want to up my game in terms of passion in my own relationship ;)

Here's hoping that in 2013 I can take my favorite features of Fiona and apply them to my own life!

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