Monday, January 28, 2013

Cookie on a Stick!

The other night my husband Jeremy and I met up with his sister and dad to go bowling (Get your bowling gift certificate from Creative Loafing more than half off HERE!) and after a brutal couple of games ended up at the Citrus Park Mall to grab some grub. Thanks to a buy one get one free coupon Jeremy and I snagged some cheap Philly steak and cheese sammiches. After our entree however we were not quite satisfied so we opted to get dessert. My eyes immediately turned to the Nestle Toll House cookie corner. As I wandered over there I knew I wanted a cookie with icing on it and was thrilled when I looked down to see this little guy staring back at me. I immediately purchased it and split it with Jeremy. As we devoured it we drooled a little and slowly slipped towards our sugar rush and let me just say- a cookie on a stick with icing is the way to go if you seek something sweet after dinner! Caution though- you should only get it if you are going to split with a pal because it is soooooo loaded with sugar that the consuming the entire thing by yourself could make you crash before your sugar rush even begins. So yummy!!!!

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