Sunday, September 30, 2012

Article Spotlight- My First Pumpkin Facial

The Famous Ashley Grant gets a pumpkin facial for the first time 
Halloween is just around the corner and pumpkins are already being sold in stores. When most people think of pumpkins they think of carving them, baking pumpkin seeds or even making pumpkin pies. Odds are getting a facial isn't exactly at the top of the list.

I've never been much of a fan of the flavor of pumpkin, but I have always loved the smell. I heard from a friend that Salon Lofts in Tampa was offering pumpkin facials, and since I'd never had a facial I figured trying it with the scent of pumpkin would be the perfect way to be pampered. Continue Reading...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm No Longer a Substitute Teacher!

On one hand I am thrilled to be writing this post; on the other hand I’m not. I’m thrilled because I never liked being a substitute teacher and everyone who knows me knew that this was the case. Substitute teaching was stressful, depressing and made my tubes tie themselves in a not.

Due to the video above (and kids finding it and sharing it) I was asked by the office of Professional Standards at the School District of Hillsborough County whether I would like to remove all of my un-kid friendly videos and find a way to keep my job as a substitute or if I would like to resign/be fired. I opted to resign immediately. So, at 1:40 p.m. in an office I did not want to be sitting in on a borrowed blue legal pad I wrote the fastest resignation letter I’ve ever written in my life that basically stated I’d rather keep my job as an entertainer than to continue my position as a substitute teacher.

I never wanted to be a substitute teacher in the first place. I only signed up as a fall back plan. I thought if I couldn’t get a story for the news or a photography gig to make money I would just substitute teach to pay the bills. Sadly, I didn’t want to end on these terms but it is for the best. I acknowledge my videos on Youtube are not kid friendly. I never intended to cause a ruckus and never wanted to upset anyone.  I'm sorry to anyone who has seen my videos and been offended by anything I've said.

Now, it’s time for the next chapter of my life- one where I hustle at being famous a little harder because I have no fallback plan. Time for Operation Get Famous to get a swift kick in the ASH so I can make more money doing things I love and avoid the things I hate doing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You CAN Save Your Life if you Act Fast!

Everyone around me lately has advice to offer and a class to teach and it feels like all I get lately is emails offering me a way to save my own life, my business, my marriage, my family for $500 but if I act now it's $499.99. I feel like unsubscribing from every list I'm on, cutting through the bullshit and just focusing on what I want and figuring out how to get it and then getting it.

What exactly do I want? I want to be a traveling problogger that makes enough money to live on while traveling the world.

How can I get it? Sell everything I own and take off with just my laptop, my camera, my husband and some clothes. Oh yes, and MONEY. I need money to travel from place to place, get food to eat and have a place to snooze.

What am I lacking right now to make my dreams come true? MONEY

How can I get what I lack? Build up all of my blogs in terms of traffic and find a way to make money off of them and then keep doing that while I travel.

What's in my way? Laziness. Pure and simple. I sit around with big dreams and let the fact that I haven't accomplished them make me depressed. Then, instead of doing anything about it, I sit around some more. Then, I get more depressed about the fact that I have been lazy so I keep being lazy. The funny thing is though when I stop being lazy and just get shit done I feel happier.

So...what have I learned? I don't need any more coaching. I know what I want and how to get it. Now, I just need to DO IT! The longer I sit around looking for the easy path and for someone to just hand me a million dollars the longer it will be until I become a traveling problogger.

That's all. That's my rant for the day. Unsubscribing from all the self help site lists I'm on and just going to start actually helping my self starting NOW.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Help Me Save A Home!

Someone very close to me is facing foreclosure due to medical woes that made things difficult for some time and I want to do everything in my power to help this person. They have been there for me through some of my toughest times and now it's time for me to give back to them. Because of this my mom (Terry of Terry Ann's Treasures) and I are teaming up to sell crafts, host fundraisers and do a couple of garage sales to help this person through their difficult time. We are hoping that by working together we can raise enough money to pay the legal fees and the other fees associated to fight the foreclosure, save the home and help this person get back on track.

How can you help? I've added a donation button to the top right hand corner of my page and you can donate any amount you want. I'm also going to add some crafts for sale to this blog in the coming days and 100% of the proceeds will be going to this fund. If you want to send a check you can make them payable to Ashley Grant and send to PO Box 340237, Tampa, FL 33694.

Have any ideas on how to help? I'm all ears and would love to hear any ideas you may have on helping me save this person's home.

Why the vagueness on who the person is? I'm sure you can understand that getting behind like this is embarrassing and this person feels humiliated and so bummed by their situation and said if I was going to help to please not identify them. I will tell you this person is a hard worker, has sacrificed themselves for the sake of others many times and deserves to have someone help them now in their time of need. 

It should be noted this person is employed and working full time and trying to work side jobs to make ends meet. They just need a hand in getting back on their feet.

I'm so excited about helping this person. Thank you in advance for your help! I appreciate it more than you know and I can't wait to post that we saved the home.
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