Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm No Longer a Substitute Teacher!

On one hand I am thrilled to be writing this post; on the other hand I’m not. I’m thrilled because I never liked being a substitute teacher and everyone who knows me knew that this was the case. Substitute teaching was stressful, depressing and made my tubes tie themselves in a not.

Due to the video above (and kids finding it and sharing it) I was asked by the office of Professional Standards at the School District of Hillsborough County whether I would like to remove all of my un-kid friendly videos and find a way to keep my job as a substitute or if I would like to resign/be fired. I opted to resign immediately. So, at 1:40 p.m. in an office I did not want to be sitting in on a borrowed blue legal pad I wrote the fastest resignation letter I’ve ever written in my life that basically stated I’d rather keep my job as an entertainer than to continue my position as a substitute teacher.

I never wanted to be a substitute teacher in the first place. I only signed up as a fall back plan. I thought if I couldn’t get a story for the news or a photography gig to make money I would just substitute teach to pay the bills. Sadly, I didn’t want to end on these terms but it is for the best. I acknowledge my videos on Youtube are not kid friendly. I never intended to cause a ruckus and never wanted to upset anyone.  I'm sorry to anyone who has seen my videos and been offended by anything I've said.

Now, it’s time for the next chapter of my life- one where I hustle at being famous a little harder because I have no fallback plan. Time for Operation Get Famous to get a swift kick in the ASH so I can make more money doing things I love and avoid the things I hate doing.

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