Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Best Birthday Gift I Got Today

its mah birthday 

Today the best gift I received was from my husband and it wasn't a product you can buy at a store, it wasn't flowers you can pick, it was the reminder that I should be grateful for everything I already have. You see, he did get me a few DVDs I've been talking about FOREVER for my birthday and he has taken me out to eat a few extra nights, but the reason this reminder to be grateful for everything I already have was so significant is because I've been taking it all for granted lately.

The truth is, since we wed six years ago things have not exactly been a breeze. We've struggled financially, we've had ups and downs with my career and his, but through it all we've stayed together and stayed in love. It's easy to forget just how lucky I am when I'm seeing things go wrong. However, as much as I say I need to remember to be grateful daily and have an attitude of gratitude I spend more time complaining about what I don't have then being excited about the things I do.

This morning I woke up, I sat up in a nice bed complete with covers that kept me warm throughout the night and a fan that blocks the outside noises allowing me to have a good night's sleep, I then put my two feet on the floor and stood up on two legs and was able to walk into the closet and get ready to begin my day. After picking out clothes from a big selection of things to wear I got dressed, put on perfume, put on deodorant, even put on makeup and then went into the kitchen to prepare snacks to bring with myself for the day. Lastly, I went downstairs got in my car and drove my husband to work.

Family, friends, health, food, clothes, a bed, a place to stay, a car and so many other things I don't really think about that when I stop and think about them I realize how truly thankful I am to have. The next time I get caught up in stuff I want I hope someone is there to remind me again about the things I have, because that is the most awesome gift!!

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