Thursday, July 19, 2012

WikiHow's How to Get Famous

In an effort to become the Famous Ashley Grant I've started reading articles about how to get famous and happened upon How to Become Famous in 5 Steps from Wikihow.

Oddly enough the 5 steps are not written items 1 through 5 but upon further review there are in fact 5 steps listed:

1. Understand that there is more than one way to become famous. This is my favorite tip! They even give ideas of ways to become famous. Unfortunately I'm not sure which ones will work for me...

    • Write a best-selling novel. -Working on it, but I'm thinking eBooks will be my actual path to being a best seller 

    • Perform a popular song. - Nah, I may have won a singing contest at Wal-Mart, but I highly doubt this will actually get me famous. Although, I reckon I could try it and throw it on Youtube...anything is possible I suppose. 

    • Become an actor. - Easier said then done. I don't even know where to begin in terms of finding a place to audition. Again, I think I'll just attempt a few Youtube videos.
    • Invent something useful. - But I'm not that smart!!
    • Become a model. - They said I'm too short. LOL Runway models start at 5'7" and I'm only 5'4.5"
    • Start a successful business. - If I had a successful business I would just travel and forget about fame and don't you have to have a level of fame to get success??
    • Do something heroic.- Like what?!? I can't fly, I can't breathe underwater, I don't have x-ray vision and last time I checked I can't lift more than 50 pounds without squinting. What makes a hero?
    • Become an elected official. - Oh HELL no. Too many skeletons in my closet to attempt being an elected official. I prefer being allowed to drink, dance, gamble and make out with my spouse in public thank you.
    • Excel at professional sports. - Nope! Not gonna happen. Not now, not ever! I can't catch a ball even if you are standing right next to me
    • Marry someone already famous- I'll have to check with my current husband in regards to how he feels about this. My guess is he will not be okay with this considering he loves me and I love him...
      2. Make sure that becoming famous is your ultimate dream. DUH! Of course it is!
      3. Do something inspirational so others can look up to you.
      4. Build upon one of the four techniques above to apply it in your desired field of fame.The four techniques they are referring to are from item #3 which they actually call item 1 under the subhead "Be Unique"
      5. Put yourself out there. This is my second favorite tip. I put out, er I mean I put myself out there whenever I can. ;)

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