Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tammy Levent's Birthday Bash 7/21/12

tammy bday 7212012
I had a BLAST at Tammy Levent's Birthday bash last night! There is nothing quite like getting to show off a new makeover after months of hard work losing weight and I got to do just that by being one of the "models" in Tammy Levent's fashion show at her birthday party on Saturday, July, 21, 2012.

One of the coolest things about being in the show is that before I even knew I was going to be in it I had added that to my list of goals I wanted to accomplish for my 101 in 1001 challenge!

Here is the final product after a couple of hours of transforming from no hair, no makeup, no accessories into the full package:
makeover image 3 

Hair: Dawn Marie Rodriguez of Sei Bella Salon
Makeup: Connie Rose of Victims 2 Survivors and Marla Lamont of Dr. Adam Scheiner's office.
Dress: The black and creme goddess looking one was a gown on loan from Lending Luxury. The blue and black one you see in the pic at the top of me and Tammy was from my closet. LoL
Accessories: Nelly Wakin's Shop Fashion Outlet
Weight Loss Program: Dr. Lara. I've lost 40 pounds on his program. Read all about it HERE!

Here are the images of me getting ready and then showing off my new look:
makeover image 1 
 This is the start of my makeover

makeover image 2 

My hair is done after an hour of work! Onto the makeup chair!
makeover image 4 

Base coat on! Let's do eyes!
makeover image 5 
eyes? CHECK!

 makeover image 6 
 Lips need some color. Let's do that next!

 makeover image 7 
I was feeling red so we went with a color called Rapture. 
 makeover image 8 
 makeup complete! Now, time for my dress and accessories!

 makeover image 9 
Ready to party! (and party I DID!)

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